House Smith Tap & Grill would open a branch in Tempe

The Smith House Tap & Grill now in Tempe 


Worrying about new places to visit while in Tempe? No need to worry anymore because the Smith House Tap & Grill is now open even in this city in Arizona! Even while you are outsourcing for a garage door service in Tempe, AZ, you can drive down here with your car. Who knows? There may even be patrons here who can help you with your dilemma. They may be able to suggest to you the local garage door service they use on a regular basis. For me, this is one place I really love to go to – Smith House Tap & Grill. 


I always loved going to different cities and countries especially with family and friends. When I go to Los Angeles for vacation even just for a few days, I always make sure that I visit the Smith House. I discovered this tap and grill last year when my friends and I went to Los Angeles for a trip. Since it’s our hobby to look for different restaurants we could try and eat different dishes from various cuisines, I was up for the challenge of trying this restaurant out. What I didn’t expect is to enjoy dining in this place so much that I was ready to come back the next day. 


They serve various foods I always enjoy. They also got amazing drinks like beers and cocktails. This makes it always fun to be in the Smith House for a night out or whenever we feel like chilling out with friends. Going to this place is perfect for relieving stress after long weeks of work. It is a perfect place to taste local cuisine when you’re on a trip or vacation in places where they have a branch. My first night here was incredible since they got various drinks which I loved. I’m fond of cocktails so when I heard they serve different kinds of these, I was so thrilled. My favorite cocktails from this place are Aviation and Manhattan since they create these drinks amazingly. My friends, however, loved the beers from the Smith House. 


Three months ago, I got news that the House Smith Tap & Grill would open a branch in Tempe. To say that I was excited was an understatement. It was confirmed when I visited their website and saw their updates. I couldn’t believe that this place is branching out in our place. It finally opened just this month. I do not anymore need to wait until I can go to L.A. to visit this restaurant. Now, all I have to do is grab my car and drive downtown to get the food and drinks that have become my favorite. 


Try it. I know if you want a good hangout place that can serve good food and drinks, this is the best option for you. Their different kinds of grilled dishes are all amazing and it’s the reason why I keep coming back even here for more. You can bring your friends and family here to enjoy. 


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