Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Although you might think that the garage door is a simple electronic machine that is designed to open or close, but you cannot believe that it is the most complex device around your house. The garage door is created with simple to the complex mechanisms that can fail and make your day worst. There is plenty of Tracker Garage Door Repair in Douglasville, Georgia companies that offer fast and efficient services at an affordable cost. In order to deal with the emergency conditions, you should be familiar with the potential problems of garage door that cloud happen.

A garage door does not open or close properly

Modern garage doors come with two sensors. They should be installed and aligned parallel to each other and there is nothing that obstruct their path. If they still shows problem, the culprit source might be the limit switch. Normally, it is placed on the back side of garage door opener. You will find two plastic screws to up and down.  Just turn the screws to adjust them. Once they have adjusted, test the garage door to check its performance.

If garage door reverses

Sometimes garage door opens again right after closing. In this situation, you will have to readjust the limit switch again. If garage door does not touch the floor before going back, the culprit might be the adjustment unit for the closing force. These problems happen when the garage door gets older and the springs become loose. You should adjust the velocity and force of garage door springs.

The garage door motor won’t stop

One evening when you arrive home, you might notice that garage door motor sounds to keep running even after the garage door is fully closed. It indicates that you will have to check the limit switch again. Try to check whether this trick works or not.

Garage door does not move

If your garage door opener is humming but does not respond, it means that garage door is good and you just need to check the other parts of garage door to make sure that there is nothing that obstruct the path of garage door. Another possibility is that garage door motor may have the enough power to lift the garage door but the springs are not strong enough. It indicates that you will have to readjust or replace the springs.

In order to check whether your garage door opener is a problem or not, you should disconnect it from power supply and try to operate it manually. Try to open the garage door to its halfway, if it does not stay at its position, it shows that garage door springs has some problem.

On the opposite side, if the garage door holds its position, there may be a problem with the garage door opener. You should consult with a garage door repair technician to deal with the garage door opener. Even though you might think that you are well familiar with all the parts of the garage door and know all about garage door repair, there are some problems that you cannot handle by yourself. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that hire a garage door repair company to do these complicated jobs.

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