Originally from Los Angeles, the Smith House Tap & Grill is now taking over the different countries cities on the United States.

We never expected to come this far given by the fact that the start of business had been nothing less than challenging. The journey was rough and hard for both the owner and the employees. In fact, our first attempt at putting up a business has gone wrong when we chose to build it in a wrong area. We didn’t reach our target market and this made us realize that the environment is very important when it comes to putting up a business, especially a restaurant. This mistake caused us to close our first restaurant and reconsider our plans.

After the failure of the first try, our team worked harder. They decided to go for it one more time. In the year 2011, we built our first and the official main branch of the House Smith in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. At that time, we knew the place was perfect for us since a lot of tourists visit Santa Monica on a regular basis. It is the center of tourism which makes it easier for us to zero into our target market. Many people really loved the drinks we make and gave us great feedback. We made sure that we keep making great dishes that everyone can enjoy whenever they visit us. The drinks are also well-made by our people and we are very proud of it.

Now, the Smith House Tap & Grill is open in different parts of the United States. This offers a place that welcomes anyone who is ready to unwind, relieves stress by drinking beers or cocktails, and satisfy their hungry stomachs through great dishes. This is perfect for anyone who would like to visit Santa Monica with family or friends.  We made sure that all of our branches in different places are located in a good spot that will be appealing to you. No need to look for other restaurants because our staff will always make sure to give you great services.

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