Jack V. 

I really, really love this place ever since they put up the first branch in Los Angeles. The drinks are what caught my attention the most since I always loved to experiment and try different kinds of drinks back when I was in college. When a friend told me about this place years ago, I immediately visited so I could check it out and I’m glad that I did because this whole place is superb! Since then, I always go here whenever I can and it’s perfect for me and my friends to visit if we feel like going out and drinking. 


Wendy L. 

Thank you so much for putting up a branch in Tempe as well. I’ve always liked your drinks, especially whenever I drop by while I am visiting my family in Los Angeles. But since they moved to Tempe, I was not able to come as often at Smith House. But thankfully, you considered branching out here and it makes me really happy. I really love your place so much. 


Dean F. 

I’m so happy that I get to discover this place in Los Angeles. You have really great drinks that really caught my interest! The foods you serve are amazing as well so it’s worth my time to come here often with or without my friends. 


Janna S. 

My officemates brought me here last week when we celebrated a birthday. I’ve never been to Smith House before so when I discovered this place and learned that they actually have a really nice menu, I instantly fell in love. Their dishes and beers are what I love the most. I also like the cocktails but since I’m more interested in beers, I only order it like once or twice every visit. I hope Smith House will create more appetizing foods and amazing drinks in the future. 

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